• Alma Medical Center

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    Reencuentro  tres grandes figuras en concierto. Monico Pino, Alfredito Rodriguez, Mirta Medina. Con la presentacia especial de: Juan Pablo El Showman de Cuba.  Presentacion  gratis a beneficio de Alma Medical Center. Tel. 305-800-2562  10740 West Flagler St suite #12 Miami Fl 33174

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  • Youth Fair

    Youth Fair March 14 – April 7. Explore The Benefits Sponsorship, Partnership, Commercial Exhibition. For Info Call 786.315.5266 or scamilo@fairexpo.com


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  • Havana Air

    HAVANA AIR has rates to Cuba in January 2019 starting at $129. Including FREE BAGGAGE WRAP for all checked bags!
    We are the only Airline flying to Cuba that offers this free service at the Airport by the professionals of Secure Wrap. In addition, ALL baggage authorized by TSA to be re-wrapped, after it has been requested to be opened, is re-wrapped for free. Havana Air baggage are wrapped in red plastic, to make it easier to identify your bags when you arrive in Cuba.

    Comenzando Enero 1ro del 2019 Havana Air tendra viajes a Cuba comenzando desde $129 incluyendo empaque gratis a sus maletas que registren para el vuelo.

    Booking 305.615.4151 or Visit: www.havanaair.com/


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  • Dr. Silverman

    Dr. Silverman has practiced in Miami for over 33 years. He has been involved in creating a non for profit company called Health For Everyone which has given thousands of dollars in free treatment and other services to the poor and elderly in Miami Dade County. He has made breakthroughs in areas where most chiropractors were not able to do so in the past such as HMO’s and other companies due to his studies on cost effectiveness. He also has created a consulting company to help his colleagues be more cost effective in their treatment and help them better document their results. He has spoken to thousands of Chiropractors world wide on Chiropractic effectiveness. One of his greatest accomplishments was the study he did with the Av-Med Health Plan showing that most hospitalization surgery related to disc problems could be avoided through Chiropractic and adjunctive care. In this study the owner of the Av-Med Health Plan, Herb Davis, M.D., sent his most difficult patients who needed surgery, traction or hospitalization, and the first 30 all got well. As a result no patients were allowed to be hospitalized for back related problems without seeing Dr. Silverman first  Visit www.silvermancare.com

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